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A bit about us

Voldemort’s Hideaway
Is home to a few
At the core of their group
Is the Sandbox Crew

They’re lead by Tracy
She’s the devil some say
She loves her Sevvie
And leads them astray

There’s Dade and Nyeus
They have power too
And who could forget
Internet’s only Mishey22

Global Mod Cosmic
She’s a Vodie loving freak
Keeling spogen for them
At least twice a week

Mayfair and Bella pick you up
If you ever shed a tear
Ajax will be in the wings
To offer another beer

Sometimes they’ll vanish
(Haven’t seen Leo_Thugs for days)
They come right back again
Because they’re set in their ways

Sustren and Addison Rae
Put their creativity to the test
Delta happily warns the Groupies
(That’s what they call the rest)

Topic change and SPAM
Are skills they’ve mastered
They’ll post anytime
Even when they’re plastered

They’re more like a family
It’s awesome over there
With The Sandbox, SPAM, spogen
And of course, Truth or Dare


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